Gifts for Hope

The Gifts For Hope Catalogue is a new way to give locally. Give a gift that will help transform the lives of women and men who are in need of emergency shelter, unable to afford housing, lacking employment, or struggling to overcome addiction.

Help with urgent needs

Urgent Needs

Give the gift that helps support Urgent Needs. This gift helps Harvest House Atlantic with unexpected, immediate needs that arise to support our guests in the Ground Zero Emergency Shelter, in Womens & Mens Addictions Recovery, or in Step Up Transitional Housing.

Starting at $10

Give a healthy meal

Healthy Meals & Essential Food Services

Give the gift of healthy meals. Harvest House Atlantic serves over 250 meals a day to people who are unhoused, struggling with addiction, or exiting correctional institutions. This gift provides healthy food, meal preparation, food service, and emergency food access.

Starting at $30

Give a welcome kit

Step Up Transitional Housing Welcome Kit

Help us equip and celebrate with guests ready for their first home as they move from shelter, incarceration, or recovery into our Step Up transitional housing. This gift welcomes our guests with items and services such as freshly painted rooms, new furniture, new bedding, essential clothing items, foot wear, and hygiene basics.

Starting at $50

Give a Addiction Recovery Welcome Kit

Addiction Recovery Welcome Kit

Help us encourage guests entering our closed women’s and men’s Addiction Recovery program. This gift supports brave individuals as they break free from addictions and form new healthy habits within the safety of our Recovery homes. They are provided with essential items and services such as a freshly prepared room, workbooks, journals, clothing, footwear, and hygiene basics.

Starting at $57.50

Skills And Employment Kit

Skills &
Employment Kit

Give the gift of success for women and men re-entering the workforce. This gift supplies the essentials for successful employment, including items and services such as vocational training, resume building, interview skills, work boots, uniforms, and any workplace attire.

Starting at $40

Safe Bed For a Night

Safe Bed For a Night

Everyone deserves a safe place to rest their head. Give the gift of warmth and safety for guests staying in our Ground Zero Emergency Shelter. This gift includes healthy meals, day to day essentials, clean beds, fresh towels, laundry service, security, and support.

Starting at $25

 Give a Well Being Kit

Well Being Kit

Helping the whole person's mind, body, and spirit. Harvest House Atlantic offers a variety of wellness programming for our guests including counselling, art therapy, physical fitness, and more. All Well Being programs aim to support mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Starting at $40