Shelia & Ernie Hollands (The Founders of Hebron)
Shelia & Ernie Hollands (The Founders of Hebron)

 Hebron Books

Distributing books of the true life-stories of transformed men and women. Sent to over 126 prisons, 107 English and 19 French, across Canada and into communities. Your support truly makes a difference in the lives of inmates and hurting people who we serve.

Faye Hetherington (Distribution Coordinator) & Cal Maskery (Executive Director at Harvest House Atlantic)
Faye Hetherington (Distribution Coordinator) & Cal Maskery (Executive Director at Harvest House Atlantic)

Hebron Books, London ON, merged with Harvest House Atlantic in June 2017. Now the books are distributed from Moncton, NB. In stock, there are 11 different titles with a common story line. Each book is about a man or a woman who got on the wrong path in life or experienced the horrors of abuse, or were drawn to crime, or were sentenced to prison. However, every book ends with a transformed life, a life of freedom, a life completely changed by God’s unconditional love. And all the stories are true.

Thousands of books are shipped each year to over 107 prisons across Canada. Boxes are packed with the help of volunteers; Recovery guys, staff or caring friends. Then each box is taken to the Post Office for mailing. It is a labor of love. Even the Post Office staff is engaging in what we are doing.

After the books are read by inmates, we regularly receive letters from some of the inmates. Some are very open about their loneliness or despair. They are all touched in some way by the book they read. Many will request further help spiritually. We can then connect them with a Prison Ministry that offers free bible study courses or topic studies. What a blessing. Many will request more books.

For each inmate that writes, we match them with a suitable volunteer who will begin corresponding with the inmate, becoming their spiritual mentor. We always welcome new volunteers, so no inmate is left out. Interested men or women can contact us for more details.

Throughout the year, we have the opportunity to fill specific requests for books from Chaplains. We also correspond with other ministries to partner in ways that enhance the lives of those in prison.

The exciting part is knowing the impact each book will have on those in prison or those lost in community. With the support from donors we will continue to bring hope and encouragement to the lonely and forgotten, introducing them to the God of the second chance.

We cannot express enough our appreciation for those who give to Hebron Books. It is making a difference.

Ernie Hollands, a career criminal, spent a combined sentence of 25 years in prison.  On March 12,1975 Ernie prayed, asking Jesus into his life and was radically transformed in his cell.  After his release in 1976 God used Ernie to bring this life-changing message of Christ’s freedom to those inside and outside prison.  Ernie and Sheila were married in 1977 and worked together for 20 years seeing many more lives transformed by Jesus Christ until God called Ernie ‘Home’ in 1996.

Hebron was a city of refuge in the Old Testament where sinners would find safety from their accusers.

In 1992 Hebron Ministries started publishing true life stories of inmates whose lives had been transformed by Christ.  Sheila Hollands has continued Hebron Ministries until her retirement in June of 2017.

To receive a newsletter for Hebron Books, please send either an email address or a postal address of your choice.

One inmate sent a letter describing his despair in prison. After reading our most recent book, “Like Father Like Son”, he requested spiritual help materials which we were able to provide through another source. This inmate wrote to the author, “…I’m very new to the faith and spirituality aspect of my life and I have to tell you that your book touched me in ways that are absolutely amazing. I’ve read it numerous times and enjoy it each and every time. I am 38 years old…”

From one chaplain, “In the last shipment of books, you sent ‘Like Father Like Son’ and it has been a big hit. Send more books.”

Another inmate wrote, “Reading your book has made me do a lot of thinking…hearing how you changed is amazing, I think if you can anyone can.”

“I prayed the prayer on page 149 and I pray every night to the Lord and I like the story books…”

“I started reading it. I kept crying as I read it. The book has got me reading the Bible…”

We receive letters from inmates regularly. We have volunteers who write on behalf of Hebron Books, using our address with their name. We always welcome more volunteers, so no one is left out.

You can reach Hebron Books by:

Phone: 1(506) 855-0626


Mail:      PO Box 1774, Moncton, NB E1C-9X6

Every $2 donated puts 1 book into a prison

A Special Thank You!

We are thankful for all the volunteers who give of their time to help, sort, pack and label the numerous boxes of books headed for the many prisons and in our communities across Canada. Recovery guys, staff, and compassionate volunteers made the task a joy. Thanks Everyone!