Hope Rallies

Hope rallies are public hope-filled and redemptive evenings hosted within a community by a number of churches. They are designed to help people “experience church outside of the walls of a traditional church”. Rallies are held in neutral locations such as theaters/community centres and all within the community are welcome to attend and participate.

Hope Rally

Once a community expresses the desire to host a Hope Rally and have contacted Harvest House Atlantic to discuss further, we will work alongside the hosting churches to walk through the following steps.

  1. Invite Pastors/Leaders to a special luncheon to learn about Hope Rallies and have open discussions
  2. Plan a second meeting (if necessary) to set a date and select a neutral locations for the Hope Rally
  3. Inform all known churches of a Hope Rally taking place and send them the video link to see it so they can still participate if they choose to
  4. Gather information on all local charities providing a helpful service in the area
  5. Churches and help groups should be encouraged to consider launching any self help groups such as Overcomers, Celebrate Recovery, Alpha, or similar groups immediately following the Rally to those interested in taking next steps
  6. Promotional media, printed posters and hand-outs should be agreed upon and distributed as widely as possible within the community(ies)
  7. Videos prepared by Harvest House Atlantic will be sent to participating churches several weeks prior to the event so Pastors/Leaders can show these in meetings and services to help congregational members to invite loved ones