Our Programs

At Harvest House Atlantic we believe in providing those within the community the opportunity to grow. Our programs are central to our mission. See below for information on each program.

Addiction Recovery Program

A 12-Step Faith Based Program

Our addiction recovery program for men is a nine-month, twelve-step residential faith-based program. Each day Harvest House brings hope and freedom into the lives of many men. We believe in the potential of all men to overcome. Our 12 step recovery program is taught by committed and qualified instructors. The course is developed in steps that encourage success in overcoming the addiction. Formal and informal counseling and mentoring are provided on a daily basis. To apply for this program, please click here.

Step Up Housing

Providing affordable housing

Anyone from the Shelter or the community who is beginning a full-time job or attending further studying or training and can show themselves to be stable will be eligible to rent a room. There are 28 rooms for men. There are also 8 rooms at the women’s residence. Each individual has their own room with a shared kitchen and bathroom. A live-in superintendent manages each site. All housing is within walking distance of the downtown core and also on bus routes. The Step Up housing program is available to men and women within our community and those moving on from our Recovery Program. They must be actively engaged in working, studying or volunteering within the community.

Employment Skills Training

Teaching Meaningful Skills

Working alongside those who require training with both soft and hard skills to find meaningful employment, this program is designed to incrementally develop skills associated with carpentry, while teaching participants how to interact with others on a job site, and basic employment skills. Our desire is that by providing both the skills required to move into the workforce; combined with the support to connect our guests with employers; that we can begin to systematically reverse the cycle of homelessness in our community.