Addiction Recovery Program


Our 9 month Addiction Recovery Program is located next to our main office at 182 High Street in Moncton. We currently accommodate 21 men and are looking to open a separate women’s recovery program soon. Each resident has his own room and all meals are provided through a common kitchen.


Each day Harvest House brings hope and freedom into the lives of many men. We believe in the potential of all men to overcome. Our 12 step recovery program is taught by committed and qualified instructors. The course is developed in steps that encourage success in overcoming the addiction. Formal and informal counselling and mentoring is provided on a daily basis.

Bible studies, life skills, YMCA, discussion groups and an in house 12-step program are part of the daily routine. Men of different backgrounds and faith participate in our group studies as part of the program. As a faith based organization, no one is judged; all are accepted and valued.

These men return to jobs, families and homes. Some make new beginnings as they move forward in their recovery, and many choose to complete their GED or enroll in secondary education.

Changed lives mean hope. Hope means a bright future. Harvest house addiction recovery program believes in the potential of all men to overcome.