Our Emergency Shelter



Since 1997, Harvest House has been offering overnight emergency shelter, and we accept anyone who comes through our doors. We have a caring and compassionate staff and dedicated volunteers to provide opportunities and services to help people move forward. We provide support whether people are simply traveling through, struggling with addictions, have mental health problems, or are just in need.

We have a case manager who meets with our guests to determine what next steps we can help them with. Next steps include finding safe, affordable housing, moving on to our addiction recovery program (9 mo. live-in program for those struggling with severe addictions), or our step-up housing program, or even by referring them to other programs and/or help agencies.

Our Shelter opens each day at 5pm where guests are provided with a hot meal. They are welcome to stay and enjoy the community center for the evening. We serve them breakfast and let them know of the services and programs available to them throughout the week.

We have a community center which is our connecting point for all areas of our programs and gatherings; it is the first place our guests enter looking for help.

2015 year in review

  • We welcomed 414 people, up 52 people from 2014
  • On average we had 17 people a night
  • Average length of stay was 5 days
  • The average age of our guests was 40
  • We served over 30,000 cups of coffee
  • Had numerous hours of life skills development
  • Have given out 1000’s of loafs of bread, and hygiene products
  • We served over 40,000 meals
  • 55 youth stayed, down from 78 in 2014
  • clothed many men, women and children


  • How long can someone stay in shelter? There is no set time length that someone is allowed to stay, the length of stay at shelter is determined by shelter staff. We take into consideration the individuals personal goals/plans, and also the circumstances that brought them to shelter.
  • Can they bring pets? We do allow pets as long as no current guest is allergic. The animal needs to be well kept, proper disposal of waste, not attacking/being aggressive and not keeping people awake at night.
  • Can someone get social assistance (welfare)? We allow people to use our address so you can get one check staying at shelter. Depending on your circumstances social development will either allow or not allow you to use our address, if they do not allow you, we will help you find a landlord to help you.
  • What time is curfew? Curfew time is at 8pm, but we open at 5pm for supper.
  • Are showers available? Yes, we have shower facilities available to our guests.
  • Are laundry services provided? Yes, our staff does this in the evening.
  • How much stuff can someone bring? We ask that people only come with a couple of suitcases/bags. We do not have much storage