Any positive step is a good one and we want to acknowledge and encourage that. So we offer the Step-Up program.

We opened the Step-Up program in 2011 in 3 different sites. We are still developing this program  but we are excited for its potential. Anyone from the Shelter or the community who is beginning a full-time job or attending further studying or training and can show themselves to be stable, will be eligible to rent a room. There are 28 rooms for men. There are also 8 rooms at the women’s residence. Each individual has their own room with a shared kitchen and bathroom. A live-in superintendent manages each site.

All housing is in walking distance of the downtown core and also on bus routes.



The Step Up housing program is available to men and women within our community and those moving on from our Recovery Program. They must be actively engaged in working, studying or volunteering within the community.

We surround these residents with a caring supportive community that offers teaching and mentoring on how to live in community with others.  A case worker also meets with each resident to encourage and provide follow up.

Life skills, computer classes, conflict resolution and anger management courses are some of the choices available throughout the week. A 12-Step Celebrate Recovery program is also available for those needing weekly support to stay addiction free.

The length of stay in our step up housing program varies for as long as residents benefit from our services.  We will open new houses as needed.



We encourage staff and volunteers to build relationships with residents and become role models for those in our step-up program. Regular meetings could be arranged for one-on-one fellowship. Contact the office if you are interested in being a mentor. 855-0626