Reasons to Volunteer

Volunteering helps you:
– Meet new friends
– Give back to your community
– Gain a sense of accomplishment
– Feel appreciated and needed
– Great for networking
– Learn new skills…and more!

You can fill out our Application form directly below, and either drop it by our office at 182 High St, or fax it to 506-384-4113.

We encourage you to come and give of your time. We have various opportunities available and we are confident that you are able to find an area to  connect with.

Find where you fit

We have listed some volunteer opportunities below, but we are not limited to this list. If you have a way that you would like to volunteer please speak with staff, we are always looking at adding more friendly volunteers to our team.


  • Shelter Attendants greet guests, answer questions, monitor phone use and be a positive influence.
  • Kitchen Helpers can help prep vegetables, desserts and main dishes. If you love to cook, this is a very rewarding and fun way to give back.
  • Canteen Helpers serve coffee, tea, snacks and food to our guests at the center. A caring disposition and loving smile go a long way!
  • Greeters are an extremely important part of our work. They are often the first contact with Harvest House when people walk in the door. They assist in welcoming guests and visitors, referring people to other agencies in the city when needed, and fielding questions.
  • Life Skills teacher: Have a passion? We would love for you to share it with a life skills class. Cooking, Financial Management, Parenting, or any other area you may think of.
  • Drivers help many guests that do not have transportation. Take someone grocery shopping. Drive guests to various appointments or pick up regular donations.
  • Administration:opening mail, writing thank you letters, answering the phone, etc.
  • Serve a meal to our guests. You can prepare a meal by yourself or with a group, bring it to Harvest House and serve.
  • Cleaning is done multiple times each day, usually the morning and evening. You can help keep our center clean during drop-in hours or during the weekend.
  • Be a mentor for someone in our Step-Up or Recovery Program. Meet often with the resident and make a positive difference in someones life.
  • Bible Study: Teach 1 of 10 bible studies held weekly.
  • Hairdresser: Come give free haircuts/styles to those who aren’t able to afford it.
  • Worship Leader: Every Sunday Harvest House holds a church service at 6pm, bring your group to lead worship.
  • Fundraising and Communications: Skills in the areas of project management, writing, design, phone calls, promoters, etc.
  • Skilled Help: Painting, drywall installers, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc.
  • On Call: Be someone who can be called in on short notice to help in any of your areas of interest.

You can fill out our Application form directly below, and either drop it by our office at 182 High St, or fax it to 506-384-4113.

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